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The Western Union man delivers Doc's letter to Marty.

Western Union delivery man: "Kid, are you all right? Do you need help?"
Marty: "There's only one man that can help me."
— Western Union letter deliverer and Marty

Western Union was a service that allowed people to wire money or send letters across great distances.

Western Union received a letter from Emmett Brown back on September 1, 1885, and were instructed to hold on to it for seventy years, and deliver it to the exact location of the future Lyon Estates at the exact time on November 12, 1955.

Much to the letter deliverer's surprise, Marty McFly was there at the same location and time, in the middle of the street in the rain to receive the letter. The deliverer stated that some of the boys back at the office placed a bet on whether Marty would actually be present, and that he (the deliverer) had lost. After Marty signed for the letter, he opened it and exclaimed when he found that Doc had written it seventy years prior. The deliverer was understandably confused, but offered Marty his help. Marty gently refused, explaining that there was only one man who could help him.


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