Trilogy looks amazing on Blu-ray

Scarecroe December 14, 2010 User blog:Scarecroe

Back when the trilogy was released on DVD, I had read that there were some problems with the cropping of the film. As a film purist, that just wouldn't sit well with me. So I opted to wait until Universal had fixed the problem. I eventually got the movies in digital, but it was a long wait.

Now with Blu-ray, there are no such problems. The picture is clear, it's all there, and it's never looked better. I think all the old special features have been ported over, and there's a bunch of new material including interviews and all that jazz. Everything looks so great, it's leaving me with a bittersweet taste because I don't have a BD-ROM drive on my computer and I can't take screenshots. If anyone's got some hi-res screengrabs, I encourage you to upload them here. It would be great to see them.

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