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Other side of graduate school. Mentioned in acknowledgments of A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Lexicon and Back in Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Chronology, and working to pull info from those to here. Started a new Facebook page for the wiki. Hoping to see more activity.

"With gleeful deliberation, Strickland continued the crunching orgy."
—Referring to Mr. Strickland's love for crushing Walkmans with a vise

Welcome to my mess.

Obviously this is a work in progress but we will prevail. Here lies what are known as "4th dimensional articles". The direction for the articles should be from a historical point of view, with "insider" knowledge about the doings of the Time Machine and all changes created by it. Perhaps the users here can be known as "historians" or "futurists"? You can call me Griffsyphon, but I'll also go by SkywayFlyer, my user name on

See also w:c:starwars:User:Riffsyphon1024 Stats page Temp page Matter of Time Map User:Riffsyphon1024/Telltale

Alternate histories look interesting, but I'm not sure if I'd want this guy to be my President either.

First original articles: Shonash Ravine, The Pinheads, Terry, John F. Kennedy Drive, the DeLorean Time Machine, Lyon Estates, Hover conversion, Hoverboard, Delgado Mine, Time display, CusCo, California, Skyway

Sources include: the movie trilogy, the animated series, the novelizations, the screenplays, movie sourcebooks, and DVD commentaries, and even the video games. I personally own Back to the Future: The Official Book of the Complete Movie Trilogy, purchased from Universal Studios in 1992. Authors Michael Klastorin and Sally Hibbin. Published 1990. I now personally own the Back to the Future novelization, the Back to the Future Part II novelization, and the Back to the Future Part III novelization and will be scanning them for details and differences of plot.

Update: November 5, 2015: I now own Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History by Michael Klastorin with Randal Atamaniuk.

Canon can be broken down as so:

  • B-canon - Bob Canon, the creators' canon with the movies and screenplays
  • S-canon - secondary canon not conflicting with B-canon (novelizations, animated series and comics, mostly due to storylines, individual items may be more canonical)
  • N-canon - non-canon (certain things like the storyline of the Ride but the IFT might be S-canon)

Credit must be given to Keith Gow's work on the BTTF Chronology at his site, where alot of the minor details were located. Credit to and for sniffing out all the major filming locations.

Could the improved 1985 be considered as 1985-I? Others call it the "Lone Pine Timeline", whereas the original timeline is the "Twin Pine Timeline".

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Marty McFly: "Hello? Sorry about your barn."
Sherman Peabody: "He's mutating into human form! Shoot it!"
Otis Peabody: "Take that you mutated son of a bitch!"
— Marty arrives at the ranch

Enjoy the various quoted templates we now have on the wiki.

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Bf2freeway It's the 21st Century. Where's my flying car?

To Do

  • 2007
    • Add all character articles
    • Add all locations and objects
    • Images, Images, Images
    • Add information from the Animated Series
    • Consider information from screenplays and drafts
    • Consider information from comics
    • Real-life articles need to be created and fleshed out
    • Decision to be made regarding Animated Series sections in articles versus keeping the sections in-universe
  • 2010
  • 2014
  • 2015

Understanding Why Doc Continued


Did he really have to do it?

It has always been puzzling to understand why having been so against the creation of another time machine that Doc builds the Jules Verne Train, and according to the animated series, builds another DeLorean with more features, and according to the ride, builds a fleet of DeLoreans that can hold many people. Regardless of the number of vehicles and flux capacitors constructed after the movies, it is within the ten year period from 1885 to 1895 that Doc has a change of heart. Seeing how Marty left him in the past with Clara, at the moment there was no way for him to get back without building another machine and with the parts that existed in 1885. Doc could have sent another letter to the future or stored something away for Marty, but he didn't. Why is this? Perhaps having second thoughts was natural to Doc, after all in the 30 year period between 1955 and 1985, he tapes together the letter that Marty gave him warning him of his inevitable death in 1985 and follows through by wearing a bulletproof vest. But what causes him to change his mind on such a big thing as re-inventing the time machine? Is Clara so persuasive that he would do anything for her, even if meant destroying the space-time continuum all over again? Life is a funny thing. Love is even funnier. And maybe that is why he continued to build time machines and visit the past and the future, for the understanding of science, which was the reason that he and Clara connected in the first place. Either way, he finds out how to make a flux capacitor with parts in 1885 and uses a steam locomotive for the power, apparently this flux capacitor does not need 1.21 gigawatts of electricity anymore, but how much exactly? Another interesting question is how Doc found out which railroad tracks would still be in operation by 2015 so that he could give the train a hover conversion. There are so many little things to ask questions about that will continue to bother me for years to come.

Things that they left behind

Whatever happens of the things that a traveler takes to a year and then discards or forgets about? Does Doc clean up after himself?

  • JVC camcorder, from 1985, left in 1955?
  • Sony Walkman, from 1985, left in 1955?
  • Hair dryer, from 1985, left in 1955?
  • Playboy, from 1985, left in 1955?
  • Remains of the almanac, burned in a bucket, from 2015, left in 1955.
  • The top of Biff's cane, from 2015, left in 1985A which would either A) disappear since Old Biff did once returning to 2015, or B) remain intact and survive to 1985 per the ripple effect.
  • Hoverboard, from 2015, left in 1885? (unless following animated series which shows hoverboard in 1991, unclear if it is the same.)

Time Marty ages in the trilogy

  • Oct 25, 1985 8:20 am
  • Oct 26, 1985 1:35 am (17 hr, 15 minutes)/Nov 5, 1955 6:15 am
  • Nov 6, 1955
  • Nov 7, 1955
  • Nov 8, 1955
  • Nov 9, 1955
  • Nov 10, 1955
  • Nov 11, 1955
  • Nov 12, 1955 10:04 pm (7 days, 15 hr, 49 minutes)/Oct 26, 1985 1:24 am
  • Oct 26, 1985 11:00 am (9 hr, 36 minutes)/Oct 21, 2015 4:29 pm
  • Oct 21, 2015 7:28 pm (2 hr 59 minutes)/Oct 26, 1985A 9:00 pm
  • Oct 27, 1985A 2:42 am (5 hr 42 minutes)/Nov 12, 1955 6:00 am
  • Nov 13, 1955
  • Nov 14, 1955
  • Nov 15, 1955
  • Nov 16, 1955 10:00 am (4 days, 4 hr)/Sept 2, 1885 8:00 am
  • Sept 3, 1885
  • Sept 4, 1885
  • Sept 5, 1885
  • Sept 6, 1885
  • Sept 7, 1885 9:00 am (5 days, 1 hr)/Oct 27, 1985 11:00 am

Adding all this up results in Marty living through the trilogy up to the moment he returns to the final 1985, 16 days, 44 hrs = 2 days 2 hr --> 18 days, 2 hr, and finally 15 + 49 + 36 + 59 + 42 minutes = 201 minutes or 3 hr 21 minutes, for a grand total of 18 days, 5 hr, 21 minutes.

Geography of Hill Valley


Promo shot of the DeLorean Time Machine on Hyperlane Grid 4 heading the wrong way

Source: 2015 Courthouse Square map of Hill Valley and surrounding area

Sources: Part I

Sources: Part II


The Railroad Map

Sources: Part III

Sources: Part I novelization

  • Doc's garage is 10 minutes from Twin Pines Mall on skateboard with no traffic
  • At corner of square, 2nd and Main, right on Main passed Lou's Cafe
  • Along edge of square, right turn on 2nd Street, the confluence of U.S. Route 395 West and U.S. Route 295 East, p. 84
  • Is 2nd also Hill Street?
  • Page 177 shows Hill Street as being separate from 2nd, does 2nd turn into Hill? Is Hill on the opposite side of the square?
  • Page 194 shows Doc tying on the cable at the intersection of 2nd and Main
    • So rather is 2nd the street directly in front of the Courthouse?
  • Page 198 again shows what would have been Hill or Main as 2nd, along the road that Marty drives up to intersect the cables, but just below on the page it is then stated as Main Street
  • Page 198 states that the Bank of America was at the end of Main
  • George' house was on Sycamore Street near 2nd, 2nd must intersect Sycamore
  • Lorraine's house was also on Sycamore
  • Cherry Street intersects Main
  • Marty passes a graveyard on the way back to the starting line on Main
  • Marty hit forty within a half-block, hit sixty-five by the time he saw Town Square
  • Terrorists took 2nd Street all the way to Lone Pine Mall

Sources: Part II novelization

  • Chapel O' Love stated to be in Las Vegas, p. 79
  • Marty and Doc fly the DeLorean to outside of town and then drive to Jennifer's house in 1985-A p. 113
  • From Biff's casino, Marty can see the lights of Hill Valley, surrounded by a ring of industry with a hundred smokestacks lit, p. 137
  • Doc followed Biff east along the main highway out of town, p. 226
  • Doc had to line up from the south for an approach in the storm. South of their location was town. p. 238

Sources: Part III novelization

  • Mount Clayton? (canonicity unknown, related to Clara?)
    • Mountain appears to loom over downtown in 1885, related to Boot Hill or Mount Clayton?
    • DeLorean buried at side tunnel of mine, main entrance not shown
    • Marty notices that the tunnel never changes direction or has side outlets
  • Clara's house was just outside 1885 Hill Valley
  • The Pohatchee Drive-In was 40 minute drive from downtown Hill Valley in 1955
    • Named for the Pohatchee Tribe
    • Location of the cave was 20 miles due east from downtown near the McFly farm
    • Marty was heading due west towards town as the sun was setting in front of him, p. 55
    • The McFly farm was 1/3 mile from a stream p. 68 and 14 miles from town, p. 73
    • Once at the railroad tracks, Marty had 6 miles to walk down the tracks to town, p. 73
      • This creates a situation in which Marty traveled 6 miles west between the cave and the McFly farm in the novel, however in the movie it is over one ridge and less than a mile
    • It took Doc's 6 horses a few hours to reach the site of the parked DeLorean p.103
  • Hill Valley Speedway in 1985, p. 41
    • Raced funny cars
  • Hill Valley Army/Navy Store, p. 20
    • Where Doc bought a duffle bag full of tools and supplies for the mine
  • Statler's ranch, p. 24
    • Ranch of the Statler family where Doc spent a few summers as a boy working, learning how to ride, shoot, and rope
    • Mr. Statler decided to sell the ranch and get into the used-car business
  • City Archives
    • In the basement of Hill Valley City Hall, p. 32
    • Charlie was the night watchman who shared a passion for the old west and was willing to extend hours if he was allowed to view what was being uncovered
    • File was Hill Valley: 1880s
  • Verde Junction
    • Frank Fargo got a locomotive up to 70 out past Verde Junction, p. 108

Part III First Draft Screenplay [3]

Unknown source:

  • Hill River
  • Elm Street, Biff's first residence (one of the draft scripts)
  • Brown property had 435 acres (Part I itself?)

Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall

                      |  |          |___
______________________|  |              |  JCPenney
|                        |              |___________
|    _________________   |                          |
|    |                |  |                          |
|    |                |  |       []                 |
|    |                |  |                          |
|    |                |  |       Parking lot        |
|    |                |  |__________________________|

More phonebook (From McFord)

   * 308 ALTA VIEW DR
   * 4635 ATWOOD
   * 283 BENTEO AVE
   * 514 BOTHWELL
   * 893 BROAD
   * 818 BROWNING
   * 713 BRYAN AVE
   * 1174 CHARLTON
   * 403 DIANA LANE
   * 855 FAYETTE AVE
   * 2493 HARTFORD
   * 113 HELM
   * 288 HECTOR
   * 927 HILL PLACE
   * 403 HOFFARTH (sic)
   * 4381 KELLY SMUNT
   * 128 N MAIN
   * 352 N MAIN
   * 550 MAIN
   * 931 MORE
   * 4032 S. NORTH AVE
   * 403 PUEBLO
   * 1640 RIVERSIDE
   * 200 W SANDY (Doyle M Brown Mdvle 974-M)
   * 247 SHERMAN AVE 
   * 1833 S STATE (David M. Brown)
   * 1912 S. State (Broughton's Auto Mart)
   * 2137 S.W. TEMPLE (Anthony M. Brown
   * 417 W.N. TEMPLE (Albert M. Brown)
   * 1355 THORNTON AVE
   * 42 VAN BUREN
   * 687 VICTORY
   * 392 E. WEST DRIVE
   * 140 WILBUR
   * 1632 WILSON
   * 214 E. 2ND
   * 230 E 3RD S
   * 1438 W. 4TH S
   * 1123 W. 8TH SOUTH
   * 1028 SOUTH 21ST E
   * 281 WEST 23RD
   * 2407 E. 33RD
   * 604 EAST 39TH
   * S 23 E
   * S 11 E
   * E. 3RD S.
   * E 39 S
   * 3521 43RD
   * 24 S 315 E
   * 474 K
   * 431 S & E

Through Time

  1. Hill Valley Courthouse & Clock Tower--Department of Social Services-Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel--Hill Valley Courthouse Mall
  2. Palace Saloon--Lou's Cafe--Lou's Fitness Aerobics Center-Dee Dee Delight Bar--Cafe 80's
  3. Nothing--Town Theater--Assembly of Christ-Biffco Toxic Waste Reclamation Plant--Hill Valley Theater (closed)
  4. Nothing--Essex Theater--Essex Theater (adult)-Unknown--Holomax Theater
  5. Honest Joe Statler's Fine Horses--Statler Studebaker--Statler Toyota-Unknown--Statler Pontiac
  6. Unknown--Texaco full-service station--Texaco self-service station-Unknown--7-Eleven (first floor) and Texaco automated Havoline station (second floor)
  7. Unknown--Ask Mr. Foster Travel Service--Ask Mr. Foster Travel Service-Unknown--Uniglobe Travel
  8. A. Jones Manure Handling--D. Jones Manure Handling-Unknown-Unknown--Unknown
  9. Nothing--Holt's Diner--Elmo's Rib-Unknown--Fusion Bar
  10. Unknown--Twin Pines Ranch--Twin Pines Mall-Unknown--Lone Pine Mall
  11. Nothing--Lyon Estates--Lyon Estates-Lyon Estates--Unknown
  12. Nothing--Nothing--Hilldale (UD)-Unknown--Hilldale

Prices and gases on Texaco sign stated as: Fusion Gold $6.95 9/10, Super Fusion Plus+ $7.62 9/10, Liquid Hydrogen $8.10 9/10, Regular Unleaded $8.37 9/10, and Super Unleaded Plus+ $8.99 9/10


Bifficus Antanneny---Lord Biffingham---Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen---"Mugsy" Tannen---Gertrude Tannen---unknown possibly Frank Tannen---Biff Tannen---Biff Jr.---Griff Tannen---grandson Ziff Tannen

Marvin Berry, cousin to Chuck Berry

Harold McFly and Jennivere McFly (medieval England)
Seamus McFly and Maggie McFly (1885) Martin McFly (brother stabbed before 1885) 
                 |                   "Pee Wee" McFly (1891)
         William McFly (c. 1885-1920)
  Arthur McFly and Sylvia McFly   Sam Baines and Stella Baines(1955)--------------+
            |                     |               |          |   |
    George McFly and -----Lorraine Baines Milton (born 1942) Sally (born 1949) 
                            +--------------+-------------+   Toby (born 1951)
Jennifer Parker and Marty McFly Dave McFly Linda McFly (1985)Joey (born 1954)
                 |        |                                  Baines (born 1956)
 Martin McFly Jr. Marline McFly (2015)
            Marta (c. 2091)
Wernher von Braun?
  von Braun                            Unknown Clayton and wife
       |                                       |           |        
 ______|                                       |           |
|                 Ulysses S. Clayton Daniel Clayton and Martha Clayton 
--Sarah Lathrop Abraham Lathrop    Uncle Oliver              |
       |                                                     |
Emmett L. Brown and --------------------------------Clara Clayton
        |        |
   Jules Brown Verne Brown

Individuals and Things




(Or before)



"McCry! McCry. I just monitored that scan you interfaced. You are terminated! And you cooperated. Read my fax."
—The Jitz
"Oh mom, you sure know how to hydrate a good pizza."

Real World

Filming locations:

Minute Details

All rights reserved. Back to the Future™ is a trademark of Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.

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