aka Alfonso Cazarez

  • I live in México, Sinaloa
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is Actor. Escritor y Estudiante
  • I am Hombre

Banck (known as Frieds in some wikis, YouTube and Banckthoven TheDoblaje in reference to Beethoven and his name) is a user navigating between Wikipedia and several wikis since according to him, like that in the near future haiga wikis reliable, very complete and full of feature articles.

Its main function is to add more references Wikipedia and further expand the items you need and make them outstanding or at least good. His favorites are wikis fiction in movies and editing, while Wikipedia edits on educational information such as gastronomy, physics and clothing.



At first edited Wikipedia Banck a form of vandalism, despite the fact that this had no evil intent against Wikipedia. He believed that the use of references in the articles gave very bad sight wing wikipedia. At first visited his first wiki was an article about Kappa Mikey Uncyclopedia, finding it very offensive and I erase it, so this site is blocked in a couple of times. The Wiki Dubbing was also one of the first wikis where he was, when seeking more information on Kappa Mikey, though at first thought it was a wiki about dubbing in Spain.


Today has extensive experience in wikipedia and in various wikis. He is the founder of: Star Wars Spoofs (English and Spanish), SpongeBob (in Spanish). It is the administrator of: El Chavo del Ocho, Back to the Future (in Spanish). Also published on the web an electronic book: a novel entitled "Land Cyborg", published mainly in Literature Wiki and Wikisource.

Otros wikis


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