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USA Snapshots was a box-out feature on the front page of USA Today, which appeared beneath the Newsline column. According to the introductory line, this was “a look at statistics that shape the nation”.

For the October 22, 2015[1] issue of USA Today, the subject of the feature was Ships sunk by whales since 1979 by Tom Miller, the source of which was Singh's Book of Sunken Ships.

The pale blue box-out gave the following statistical information, each of which was accompanied by a graphic depicting a sinking ship and a whale:

S.S. Rusting Flotsam
31,000 Tons
Rounding Cape Horn
August, 1979
Sea Monkey
24,000 Tons
Cape of Good Hope
June, 1982
Floating Bucket of Death
18,500 Tons
Bad Ganja Key
March, 1988



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