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"Don't forget now: 1:15 am, Twin Pines Mall."
—Doc on the phone
Twin Pines Mall

As Twin Pines Mall.

Twin Pines Mall, later known as Lone Pine Mall, was the location that Doc Emmett L. Brown chose to show Marty McFly the new DeLorean time machine he had invented.

At 1:21 a.m. on October 26, 1985, Doc's dog, Einstein, becomes the world's first time traveler leaving behind a pair of fire trails after the DeLorean accelerated to the necessary 88 miles per hour.

During the experiment, Doc became nostalgic and remembered that Old Man Peabody used to own the land on which the mall sat in 1985. He noted that Peabody bred pine trees as a hobby.

When Marty traveled to 1955, he accidentally ran over one of a pair of pine trees in Mr. Peabody's front yard. When Marty returned to 1985, there was only one pine tree at the front of the mall and as a result the mall's name was changed to Lone Pine Mall.

This was also an important location because it was
Lone Pine Mall

As Lone Pine Mall.

where Doc was shot by Libyan terrorists until Marty gave him the letter forewarning of it.

A Fox Photo stand was located in the mall's parking lot — that is, until it unfortunately got in the way of the Libyan terrorists' Volkswagen Station Wagon.

In the altered 1985, the mall was owned by BiffCo.

Sometime in 1992, Walter Wisdom made a public appearance at Lone Pine Mall, which Marty and Verne Brown attended.

Behind the scenes

  • The filming location for the mall was the south-east side of the Puente Hills Mall in Industry, California, in eastern Los Angeles County; the mall has had major renovation in recent years and consequently, is unrecognizable from how it looked in the movie, however the parking lot remained largely intact. There is still black tape of some sort left on the parking lot, seeming to mark the fire trails and where Doc and Marty stood upon the first experiment.


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