Toxic Waste Reclamation Plant n°7

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Toxic Waste Reclamation Plant n°7

BiffCo's Toxic Waste Reclamation Plant n°7.

The Toxic Waste Reclamation Plant n°7 was a toxic waste reclamation plant owned by BiffCo in 1985A. According to the number of the plant, there were a minimum of seven reclamation plants in Hill Valley.

Behind the scenes

  • The construction of Courthouse Square in 2015 began when the 1985A scenes in Courthouse Square were shot. So, the set of 1985A hid the set of 2015: the Reclamation Plant hid the blue building of 2015.
  • The elaborate set for Courthouse Square in the 1985A "Biffhorrific" timeline is visible on-screen for only 60 seconds in Part II, between the time Marty steps across the flattened, bullet hole-riddled Hill Valley greeting sign, and notices the Biff Tannen Museum. Many of the details were not evident in the film, but a set of photos on the Blu-ray edition of the trilogy show some location around Courthouse Square in 1985A.


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