Timeline 8, also known as 2015C, was a timeline which came into existence when Emmett Brown traveled from 1983 to 1936.



  • 1936
    • Sunday, December 6
      • Emmett Brown arrives from Timeline 7, and takes a taxi to the church. He is about to object to the wedding, when he hears a baby crying. When the babysitter calls him Biff, Doc realizes he made a mistake. Biff had been born earlier that year and his parents were marrying solely for the purpose of making it seem like Biff wasn't born out of wedlock.[1]
      • The babysitter offers baby Biff to Doc, believing that he would probably give Biff a better home than his parents would. However, Biff's grandmother, Gertrude Tannen, snatches Biff out of Doc's hands and states that she would raise him up right, which the babysitter is skeptical of.[1]
      • Doc plans to come up with a "Plan C" once he arrives in 1983, and disappears into the future as he is looking at his pocketwatch.[1]


  • 1983
    • Date unknown (before May 23)
      • The Hill Valley Civic Committee can't disconnect the wires of time travel chamber from the power grid, and are apprehended by the police.[1]
      • Doc steps out of the time travel chamber and realizes he is in BiffCo, as the chamber was brought there. Biff wants to know what the refrigerator does, and why it takes so much power. Doc refuses and Biff tells him that there are ways to get him to talk if he won't talk willingly.Biff stepped out of the chamber and realized he was in BiffCo, as the chamber was brought there after the police apprehended the members of the Hill Valley Civic Committee. Biff wanted to know what the refrigerator did, and why it took so much power. Doc refused, and Biff told him that there were ways to get him to talk if he wouldn't talk willingly.[1]
    • Monday, May 23
  • 19831985
  • Years unknown (after 1985)


  • 2015
    • Wednesday, October 21
      • The Greatest Hits album "Fired Up" by Marty and The Pinheads tops the charts and goes platinum.[4]
      • Old Biff returns to 2015 and lands the DeLorean time machine back outside Hilldale moments after he had originally stolen it. However, He is slowly being erased from existence, as his changing the past has caused him to no longer be alive in 2015. While he is in pain from the ripple effect catching up to him, he breaks off the top of his cane while exiting the DeLorean and leaves it and the Blast from the Past bag behind.[2]
      • Marty and Doc carry Jennifer back to the DeLorean while Einstein follows behind them. This incident has convinced Doc to destroy the time machine once the have returned to 1985, citing the dangers if the time machine were to fall into the wrong hands.[2]
      • 7:28 p.m. Unaware that the past has been changed, Marty, Doc, Jennifer and Einstein depart to 1985.[2] This creates Timeline 9, which begins at Marty, Doc, Jennifer and Einstein's entry point in 1985 and Timeline 8 fades away.



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