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Timeline 2 was a timeline which came into existence when Emmett Brown sent a note through the Temporal field capacitor on October 25, 1962 to the beginning of August of that same year.




  • 1972
    • Saturday, January 1
      • The smiley face first appears in print after being trademarked for commercial use the previous year.[8]
    • Saturday, June 24
    • Monday, June 26
      • Marty McFly brags about his uncle's arrest to his kindergarten class, but he later forgets about the good times he had with his uncle Joey, and will come to distrust him due to his criminal past.[12]
  • 1973
  • 1976
    • Date unknown
      • 8-year-old Marty McFly sets fire to the living room rug. His parents give him a severe punishment that he will still remember as a teenager.[14]
  • 1979
    • Monday, October 8
      • Douglas J. Needles moves to Hill Valley from Bakersville. He vomits on his first day at his new school due to his nervousness. Marty McFly tries to befriend him, but Doug becomes jealous and begins insulting him, trying to become popular. He forces himself into Marty's band using his his mother's wealth.[15]
    • Date unknown
      • Marty's other band mates want to kick Doug out of the band, but Marty feels sorry for him. Doug overhears this, and calls Marty chicken for letting other people handle things. He reveals that he is going to start his own band, that he had shaved his hair into a mohawk, and began referring to himself as Needles. He whispers to Marty that he was the only person who was nice to him, but continues his front of antagonizing Marty in an effort to gain popularity.[15]


  • 1980
    • Date unknown
      • Twelve-year old Marty McFly skateboards down the Courthouse steps, receiving a scar on his left knee.[16]
  • 1981
    • Date unknown
      • George McFly buys clothes at Sears, which he will still wear in 1985.[5]
  • 1982
    • Saturday, October 2
      • Marty McFly is goaded into getting a new Interocitor tube for Douglas J. Needles after the latter tried to steal one from Marty and inadvertently broke it. Upon being told by the shop attendant that all of the stock has been sold to E.L.B. Enterprises, Marty decides to go to Emmett Brown's garage to get one.[17]
      • After making his way past a series of traps, Marty is greeted by Emmett Brown and his dog, Einstein. Upon being asked if he was there to apply for the assistant position that Emmett said he had advertised, Marty intially pretends that he is. However, Marty quickly admits that he has actually come for an interocitor tube. Emmett then admits that he had never actually put out an advertisement for an assistant, but offers Marty the job anyway, which Marty accepts.[17]
      • Marty is told by Emmett that he threw out all of the tubes, as he only wanted the box for his Static-O-Matic electric hair chair. Marty then grabs a tube out of the trashcan and delivers it to Needles, telling him that he had stolen the tube from Doctor Emmett Brown. This scares Needles, as he knows that Emmett Brown worked on the atomic bomb, and there were rumors that he was radioactive.[17]
    • Tuesday, November 30
  • 1983
  • 1984
    • June
      • Linda McFly graduates from Hill Valley High School with the Class of 1984.[14]
    • Saturday, August 11
    • September
      • Marty McFly looks through Emmett Brown's lab in search of something he can use for the science project his teacher, Mrs. Zawadski, had assigned. Eventually, Marty is allowed by Emmett to borrow an electromagnet which Emmett had made from a wire wrapped around a metal rod and the car battery that powered his electric hoe.[18]
    • Monday, November 26
      • Marty McFly re-introduces himself to Jennifer Parker, who he hasn't been acquainted with since fourth grade. However, their conversation is interrupted by Needles, who asks Jennifer out. After Jennifer rejects Needles and he drives away, she notices Marty being impressed by Needles' car and, annoyed by this, walks away.[19]
      • At his lab, Emmett is working on the DeLorean time machine, which he hides from Marty when he arrives. Marty tells Emmett that he's having trouble talking to Jennifer, and that he's worried about what she thinks of him. Emmett advises Marty to never care what other people think of him.[19]
    • Tuesday, November 27
      • While Marty and Jennifer are talking at the 7-Eleven, they are teased by Needles, who brags that he can take his girlfriend somewhere cool because he has a car. After Needles leaves, Marty, angered, tells Jennifer that he has to go.[19]
      • Intending to steal the DeLorean in order to impress Jennifer, Marty sneaks into Emmett's garage. However, Marty has a change of heart and decides to leave. Unfortunately, he discovers that Needles and his gang had followed him and that Needles had intended for it to happen all along.[19]
      • Marty attempts to stop Needles, but gets punched in the face by him. Fortunately, Emmett arrives and tips a domino, setting off an elaborate security system which causes a bucket of paint to drop on top of Needles. After Needles and his gang leave, Marty apologizes to Emmett, who, in turn, encourages Marty to not hide his feelings for Jennifer.[19]
      • Marty asks Jennifer out, and she says yes. Together, they go to see a Clint Eastwood movie at the theater.[19]


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