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Lewis' wooden basball bat

A Thriller poster hangs on the door in Loretta's room.

Thriller was a song by Michael Jackson that was released on the album of the same name. It also was a hugely popular music video, which was released as a short film and in a shortened version to act as a music video for the song.

In 1985A, Loretta had a large Thriller poster on the door of her room.

When Emmett Brown traveled to August 8, 2015, he saw many people with 1980s memorabilia at the Hill Valley 1980s Car Expo. One man wore the jacket from the Thriller short film.

Later, when Doc visited Blast from the Past in the Hill Valley Courthouse Square, he saw a Michael Jackson's Thriller poster.

The appearance of the video simulacrum of Michael Jackson at Cafe 80's was based on the Thriller short film, as it bared his jacket from the video.


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