1885 deputy
Strickland's deputy
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Hair colorRed
Behind-the-scenes information
"Get him out of that shit."
—The deputy, referring to Buford Tannen in a wheelbarrow of manure.

Strickland's deputy worked for Marshal James Strickland in 1885.


On September 5, 1885, the deputy was seen at the Hill Valley Festival, warning guests to check their firearms.

On Monday, September 7, Strickland was unavailable for reasons unknown, and so it was his deputy who arrested Buford Tannen for robbing the Pine City Stage.

Behind the scenes

  • The reason for Marshal Strickland's absence, and for his deputy being the one to arrest Tannen, was due to a deleted scene where Strickland was shot dead by Tannen. However this scene appears only in the novelization, and when Tannen is arrested, it is for the murder of Strickland. The Marshal is said to have been shot and killed by Tannen in Back to the Future: The Game. However, whether or not he was killed, is still under debate since Back to the Future: The Game is not considered as canon.


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