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Statler Toyota 1985

Statler Toyota.


A Toyota Hilux 4X4 from Statler Toyota.

Statler Toyota was a Toyota dealership in Hill Valley owned by the Statler family. It sold the truck given to Marty McFly in 1985.

In 1985A, a store named PIG Mart, that sold adult books and "love toys", sat on the site.

A series of commercials for Statler Toyota in 2015 featured Jimmy Joe Statler wearing multiple ties, and a hover car was visible in the reflection of the window. This would suggest that it took place in the timeline after Marty burned the Grays Sports Almanac, as opposed to the timeline created after Doc went back in time to stop a nuclear holocaust in 2045.

A Pontiac dealership was located in the plot of land in Courthouse Square where Statler Toyota was located in 1985 in 2015B, so if Statler Toyota was in business in that timeline, it had moved locations prior to October 21, 2015.

As most of the events that occurred in 2015B never happened, it's possible, but not confirmed, that in the new timeline, Statler Toyota still occupies the same location that it had in 1985.

Behind the scenes

  • The cars that were unveiled in the real life Toyota commercials, Statler Toyota 2015 and Statler Toyota 2015 Reminder, were a 2016 Toyota Mirai powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which could be powered by hydrogen converted by waste, inspired by the Mr. Fusion, and a 2016 Toyota Tacoma inspired by the Marty McFly's Toyota Hilux.
  • Dialing the number that was displayed on the screen during the commericals, 1-877-STATLER, would connect to an automated message system featuring the voice of the Jimmy Joe Statler. Pressing option '2' would allow the caller to receive a free Statler Toyota license plate holder.


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