A space zombie was the main character in the Tales from Space comic book read by Sherman Peabody.

On November 5, 1955, Sherman and his family woke up to a crash in the yard of their ranch. As they investigated the barn, they saw what they believed to be a "space zombie" emerging from a spacecraft; Sherman had convinced them that it was an alien using his comic book as proof).

In truth, the "space zombie" was actually Marty McFly, clad in a radiation suit, in the DeLorean time machine, but Sherman's father, Otis believed the 'invader' to be intending to enslave them all — mainly his wife, Elsie — and repeatedly attempted to shoot the fleeing trespasser.

The "space zombie" theory is also what caused Mr. Peabody to be taken away to the County Asylum the following morning after telling the police about what he had seen.


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