Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen

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Sisters of mercy soup kitchen

The Soup Kitchen in 1931.

The Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen was an establishment in Hill Valley during the Depression era which provided free soup for the homeless and needy.


The building was originally owned by the Sisters of Mercy whose soup was regularly delivered by Edna Strickland to various charities around Hill Valley. In 1931, the business was taken over by Irving "Kid" Tannen and converted to a front where illegal alcohol was stored underground. The soup served is Cabbage (also referred to as scrole ribollita). Cue Ball is in charge of serving the soup.

On June 13, 1931, Marty would have his first encounter with Kid Tannen and Cue Ball here. During the afternoon of that day, he'd return with Emmett Brown to set it up so that Edna would pick up some barrels of alcohol.

By 1955, the location was occupied by Lou's Cafe.

By 1986B, the location was occupied by SoupMo.


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