Mrs Ellsworth
Sarah Lathrop
Biographical information
Date of birthAround 1880
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information

Sarah Lathrop was the wife of Erhardt Brown and the mother of Emmett L. Brown. Her last name was the source of his middle name, Lathrop.


Sarah grew up in Hill Valley with the rest of her family, the Lathrops, during the 1880s.  In 1914, she and Judge Erhardt Brown gave birth to Emmett Brown. In 1931, her husband considered her as stubborn as Emmett, while Emmett described her as "gentle and sweet and endlessly patient."[1]

At some point prior to 1968, Judge Brown died, and Sarah married Carlton Ellsworth. In 1972, after Carlton died, she moved to Hill Valley. Emmett helped his mother move into her new house. He felt that she was overbearing, as when he met Professor Marcus Irving, who had claimed he was selling physics encyclopedias, Emmett said that it was always nice to have a new buffer between his mother and himself.

On June 24, 1972, Joey Baines was arrested for stealing $85,000 from Sarah Ellsworth's house. Joey was convicted, and as he did not name any accomplices, he was incarcerated in Folsom Prison for the next 14 years. The money was not recovered while Baines was in prison, although a painting from Mrs. Ellsworth's house was mailed to Joey in 1986, with a note inside that stated "together we can find the loot".



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