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The three saloon old-timers (l-r: Dub Taylor, Harry Carey, Jr. and Pat Buttram) in a scene with Seamus McFly (Michael J. Fox, leaning on the table between Taylor and Carey) in BTTF III.

Marty eastwood

The three old-timers sat near the back of the Palace Saloon (on the right, behind Marty).

Old-timer 1: "Will you look at what just entered in the door?"
Old-timer 2: "Looks like he got his clothes from a dead Chinese."
— Conversation when Marty McFly walked in.

The saloon old-timers were three men that were usually seen in the Palace Saloon. Their names were Levi, Zeke, and Jeb, from left to right as they usually sat at the table.[1]

All three were quite vocal about anything that happened in the Palace, and even bet against each other on Marty's fate.

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Behind the scenes

The three old-timers were played by Western veterans Dub Taylor, Harry Carey, Jr., and Pat Buttram.


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