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Milton: "How could you have seen it? It's brand new."
Marty: "Well, I saw it on a rerun..."
Milton: "What's a rerun?"
Marty: "You'll find out."
— Marty recognizes the "Man From Space" episode of The Honeymooners

A rerun was a re-airing of a television episode that had previously debuted at an earlier date or time. They were prevalent on networks and other stations in the 1980s, particularly of shows from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

In 1985, Marty McFly was eating dinner while his family was watching a rerun of the The Honeymooners episode "The Man From Space". When Marty ate dinner with his mother's family in 1955, the Baines family was watching the same episode, but it was being shown for the first time.

When Marty exclaimed that he had seen "The Man from Space" before, Milton Baines immediately asked how this could be, as the episode was brand new. Except for a few shows that were recorded on kinescope or film for showing in different time zones the same night, all television shows were performed and broadcast live. Marty sheepishly replied that he saw it when it was a rerun. Milton had never heard of the term, since although The Honeymooners was recorded on film using the Electronicam system at the same time as it was broadcast live, television stations had not yet started showing these recordings.

Behind the scenes

  • In several non-English dubs of the movie, the word 'rerun' doesn't exist (usually because the country concerned has not yet adopted the policy of re-airing episodes of television shows), so Marty says to Milton instead that he saw "The Man from Space" episode of The Honeymooners "on video" — i.e. a VHS videocassette.


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