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Reese (Left in pic)
Biographical information
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byMary Ellen Trainor

Reese was one of two female police officers in Unit N11-11, the other being Foley, who recovered Jennifer Parker in an alleyway in 2015.


Assuming she was the Jennifer of the future, they flew her back home to her future residence in Hilldale.

Behind the scenes

  • The names Reese and Foley have been used in tandem as partners in many other movies and television programs.
  • Reese was portrayed by Mary Ellen Trainor, who was uncredited on-screen. She was the wife of director Robert Zemeckis at that time.
  • In the finished version of the movie, Reese's face is mostly obscured — either by having the peak of her cap obscuring her eyes or her features being kept in the dark.

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