The rear louvers light at initial thrust.

The rear louvers of the DeLorean time machine were constructed to cool the nuclear reactor that the flux capacitor used to generate 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. After temporal displacement, the louvers would expel a cloud of cold air as the time machine vented. Later, after the DeLorean's hover conversion in 2015, they were used to propel the DeLorean while in flight. When they were operating, they lit up to a bright white color. After the initial acceleration, the louvers would cease glowing.

It is possible they may have controlled operation of the vehicle while in flight.


Louvers at the rear of the DeLorean before it takes off for 2015.

A similar series of louvers were used on the Jules Verne Train for propulsion.

Behind the scenes

  • In British English, 'louver' is spelled 'louvre'.


  • All appearances of the DeLorean time machine and the Jules Verne Train.

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