A Pulse on display during the Universal Studios Backlot tour.

Ford probe 2015

A white Pulse (left) can be seen behind the Ford Probe.

The Pulse was a model of vehicle classified as an "autocycle" — an enclosed motorcycle with two main wheels and two outrigger wheels, one on each side. About 347 Pulse vehicles were produced by the Owosso Motor Car Company from 1985 to 1990. [1]

It was a fairly common model of car by 2015, since at least two of them were in downtown Hill Valley at about the same time. A red Pulse was the first vehicle Marty McFly saw as he exited the alleyway opposite the courthouse, driving along Main Street from right to left. A white Pulse could briefly be seen parked in front of True Blues during the hoverboard chase.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Bob Butts of Fantasy Cars leased seven Pulse cars to Universal Studios for the filming. One of them, known as #74, was originally red, but rolled over in an accident and was repainted white. This same car was later used in the films Hologram Man and Lawnmower Man II, and was modified for the television series Seaquest DSV.[3]



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