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Officers Foley and Reese exit their futuristic police car.


The police car en route to Hilldale.

Funrise Collector Cards

The cutout Collector Card for the Back to the Future Police Car (bottom left-hand corner) on the rear packaging of Funrise, Inc.'s Back to the Future Part II three-vehicle pack gave a little more information about the squad car than was mentioned in either the movie or the novelization.

A flying police car formed part of the Hill Valley Police Department's Unit N11-11 in 2015. The two female police officers in this unit were Reese and Foley.

It was fitted with a high speed, flight ready quartz windshield; and a quad W12, 650 cubic inch block engine with fusion booster thrusters for pursuit and stealth operation.[1] The police car was capable of 307 mph on the ground, while its airspeed was 250 knots in standard mode, and 475 knots with additional thruster lock.[1]

The police car was used by Reese and Foley to transport Jennifer Parker, whom they had found in the alleyway where Emmett Brown hid her temporarily, back to the McFly residence in Hilldale after they had verified her identity with an identa-pad.

Behind the scenes

  • The cutout Collector Card for the toy Back to the Future Police Car on the rear packaging of Funrise, Inc.'s Back to the Future Part II three-vehicle pack, released as part of their Micro Action Super Cars series in 1989 (the other two being the DeLorean Car (Modified Engine) and the Back to the Future Taxicab), gives additional information about the vehicle. This was not derived from any information given on-screen or in the novelization.


Notes and references

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