Pizza Hut's foil wrapping for dehydrated pizzas.

Pizza hut screenshot

The Hill Valley Pizza Hut restaurant is visible behind the white Pulse to the left.

Pizza Hut was an American franchise with a chain of restaurants that specialized in pizzas.

In 1989, in Hill Valley, California, two young men discovered and stole Emmett Brown's DeLorean time machine and used it to travel to 2015. They asked a police officer where they could find pizza, and she pointed them to a Pizza Hut restaurant.

By 2015, Pizza Hut reverted to its old logo for their dehydrated pizzas. Also in that year, a Pizza Hut restaurant was present in Courthouse Square which had replaced Valley Video (possibly due to the decline of VHS in the late 2000s or the rise of video rental businesses switching to internet mail order or vending machine by the 2010s).

Behind the scenes

  • During the release of the film, Pizza Hut sold "Solar Shades" in the style of the film as part of a corporate tie-in.


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