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Played byPaul Hanson

Paul was a member of The Pinheads, along with Marty McFly and Lee, since they were in elementary school. He played guitar.

In 1979, Douglas J. Needles moved to Hill Valley from Bakersville, and bought his way into the band with his mother's money. Since Needles couldn't play his guitar and he was a showoff, Paul and Lee told Marty they didn't want him in the band. Needles overheard this and started his own band. This furthered Needles' grudge against Marty.

By 1985, The Pinheads had a new member, Bobby, who joined the band after they all went on a camping trip. The four of them auditioned on October 25, 1985 for the Battle of the Bands at the Hill Valley High School gymnasium, playing a hard rock version of "The Power of Love". They were rejected, as the head judge thought they were "just too darn loud".

Behind the scenes

  • Paul was played by Paul Hanson in Back to the Future. His character wasn't given a name in the film's credits. However, in the comic book story "How Needles Got Here", he was given the name Paul after the actor who played him.
  • A boy named Paul was one of the boys who dated Linda McFly in the improved 1985 that Marty McFly returned to at the end of the first film. It is unknown if this is the same Paul.


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