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George McFly strapped into his Ortho-lev upside-down.

"There was a humming noise as a machine coasted across Jennifer's view [from inside the closet], a machine that held Marty's father — with gray hair now, but still as skinny as ever — strapped in upside-down! George stopped the gizmo right in front of the bookcase next to Jennifer's hiding place, close enough for her to read the 'Ortho-lev' name-plate on the machine's crossbar."
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 71)

The Ortho-lev was a machine used in 2015 to assist injured or disabled people.


George McFly was strapped into one of these machines upside-down to fix his back after claiming he "threw it out" while playing on the golf course. However, this was a complete fib: George had actually been hit by a flying car that fell from the sky.

Behind the scenes

  • George's being strapped in the Ortho-lev machine upside-down was in reality to disguise the change in actor from Crispin Glover to Jeffrey Weissman.


  • Machines like the Ortho-lev as used by George in Back to the Future Part II have yet to be invented.


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