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October 26 is the 299th day of the year.


  • 1985, Saturday:
    • Original timeline
    • Revised timeline
      • Marty arrives back in 1985 early to save Doc, but the car dies and Marty runs down to the Lone Pine Mall.
      • Marty watches Doc get shot again and his other self travel back in time.
      • Marty finds that Doc was wearing a bulletproof vest, as a result of reading Marty's letter to him warning of his death.
      • Doc drives Marty back to his house.
      • Doc travels roughly 30 years into the future.
      • Marty wakes up to find a completely different family and life.
      • Jennifer Parker arrives.
      • Doc returns in an improved DeLorean from 2015 and takes them with him.
      • Biff Tannen watches the DeLorean take off and reach temporal displacement.
  • 1985A, Saturday:
    • Marty arrives back in 1985A (believing he went to the original 1985) and is pursued out of "his" house.
    • Doc finds his alternate reality's double's (Doc-A) lab.
    • Marty is taken to Biff's Casino Hotel.
    • Marty finds his father's grave.

Real world


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