October 21

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The following events occurred on October 21.


2015, Wednesday

  • Timeline 3
    • 4:29pm: Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Jennifer Parker arrive in the future from 1985 in the DeLorean time machine.
    • Doc reveals to Marty about his kids and the trouble they would endure if Marty does not stop them.
    • Marty subs for his future son Marty Jr.
    • Marty encounters Griff Tannen and turns down his proposal to rob the substation.
    • Griff's gang chased Marty around the Courthouse Square.
    • The gang is jailed for crashing into the Courthouse and changes the original history.
    • Marty meets Terry and becomes inspired to purchase the Grays Sports Almanac.
    • Doc releases Einstein from a suspended animation kennel.
    • Doc discovers the almanac and disposes of it.
    • Jennifer, assumed to be Old Jennifer is taken to Hilldale.
    • Old Biff Tannen overhears their conversation, grabs the almanac and follows Doc and Marty to Hilldale in a taxi.
    • Doc and Marty rescue Jennifer.
    • Old Biff steals the DeLorean and travels to November 12, 1955
    • Old Biff returns and due to changing history, begins to fade away from existence.
    • Doc and Marty leave for 1985, only to later find out that it has become 1985-A.
    • Drew gets his parts from DCR.


  • 2014, Tuesday: Hendo announces it has been working on a prototype hoverboard which can hover approximately one inch off the ground using magnetic fields and specially-lined copper floors.

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