Marty goes to Oak Park Cemetery with a flashlight to search for his father's grave.

"Marty, your father's been in the same place for the last twelve years. Oak Park Cemetery."

Oak Park Cemetery was a cemetery in Hill Valley.

In 1985-A, the cemetery was located near industries owned by BiffCo. In this timeline, it was the burial place of George McFly, who had been secretly murdered by Biff Tannen in 1973A.

Marty McFly and Emmett Brown both knew the location of the cemetery, suggesting that it also existed in the regular timeline of 1985.

Behind the scenes

  • It is possible that Oak Park was a location that lent its name to the cemetery, though this is never confirmed on-screen.
  • The Oak Park Cemetery scene was filmed at Wilmington, California, where several oil refineries are located. A small park on company property was dressed with prop tombstones in order to create the cemetery, and one of the refineries can be seen in the background.