The Needles family in 2015 consisted of Douglas J. Needles, his wife Lauren Anne, and their two daughters Roberta and Amy.

In 1931, there was a resident by the name of Frankie Needles. Whether he's alive as of 1985 or 1986, as well as whether he is part of the Needles family, isn't specified.

In 1979, on her fourth marriage, Doug Needles moved with his mother from Bakersville to Riverdale Estates in Hill Valley, California. Since she was on her third divorce by that point, it is not known when she became divorced from his father.

On March 4, 1986, when Douglas was arrested by the Hill Valley Police Department for crashing into a delivery truck, Officer Foley mentioned that they couldn't contact his parents as his mother was out of town and no one knew the location of his father.



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