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Mcfly farm

Maggie and baby William in the McFly farm kitchen.

"He [Marty] reached a slight rise between two of the fields, and saw buildings in the distance. But there weren't enough of them for a town, even a small Wild West town like Hill Valley. There were only two small shacks. Marty guessed one was a farmhouse, the other a barn. / Marty had to admit it: / 'I'm lost,' he said aloud. / He squinted at the smaller of the two buildings, the one with the smaller door, fit to let humans in and out, rather than that place with the big doors for wagons and farm animals. That meant that this was the farmhouse, the other building the barn. Marty was very proud he had figured this out."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 46)
"Well, you're safe and sound here at the McFly farm."
—Maggie McFly

The McFly farm was located about fourteen miles from Hill Valley[1] in 1885. Seamus McFly, his wife Maggie, and their baby son William all lived there. It was near a bear cave (located uphill from the farm) on the edge of an open desert. The farm was also one third mile from a stream.[1].

Marty McFly arrived in 1885 by way of the desert and after parking the DeLorean time machine in the bear cave, he was chased out by its inhabitant and fell down a hill, landing on their fence. Seamus, who was working outside, brought the "hurt man" into the McFly house where he later woke up. After Seamus gave Marty a hat and guided him to the Central Pacific Railroad tracks, Marty walked south until he reached Hill Valley.

In an alternate timeline where Hill Valley was destroyed in a fire, Seamus intended to have a farm in the area, but was scared off by "Scary" Mary Pickford.

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