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The Mattel hoverboard.

The Mattel hoverboard was a brand of hoverboard by Mattel available in 2015. Mattel sold a lenticular version for young girls to ride with the assistance of a detachable handlebar and a strap. It was unable to cross large bodies of water before losing power. The board was available in pink or orange.

Marty McFly borrowed a Mattel hoverboard from a little girl riding one on Courthouse Square and used it to flee Griff Tannen and his gang. The little girl would eventually let Marty keep it, after she gained the Pit Bull hoverboard from Griff while he was being arrested.

Marty would then continue to use the hoverboard in 1955 to retrieve the Grays Sports Almanac and in 1885 to save Doc Brown and Clara Clayton from falling off the locomotive that would push him back to the future. Doc caught the hoverboard's strap with his foot and caught Clara as her dress ripped. Doc and Clara hovered away from the tracks and the ravine to safety.

On December 24, Marty used the hoverboard to give off the illusion to Ebiffnezer Tannen that he was the Ghost of Christmas.

In an attempt to bring Edna Strickland back to 1931 from 1876, Doc gave Marty the hoverboard to use while hooking up the flux overrides to the flux emitter on the DeLorean.

Behind the scenes

  • In late Fall 2012, Mattel released a full-scale prop model of the hoverboard as it largely appeared in Back to the Future Part II and Part III. While its appearance was close to being identical, it does not actually hover or work on water, but does glide on most carpeted surfaces.[1] Upon release, however, it was considered to have fallen short of the accuracy expected by fans and even Bob Gale,[2] lacking the lenticular surface, for example. Blue and orange hoverboards were pictured on the back of the box, but were not in production.


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