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Manure ford 1955

Biff's Ford Super De Luxe covered in manure.

"Manure! I HATE Manure!"
—Biff Tannen

Manure was a common product around Hill Valley. The Jones family were the primary suppliers of manure.

Members of the Tannen family had a tendency of landing or crashing into it after an interaction, chase and/or fight with Marty McFly.

Whether the Tannen family ended up developing a mortal fear of manure as a result of all their encounters with it remains unrecorded.

Behind the scenes

  • According to The Making of Back to the Future Part III, the manure consisted mainly of horse feed pellets, noting that the pellets going in and out of the horse look pretty much the same.
  • Back to the Future was not the first film in which the hero's nemesis was forced to crash into the rear of a manure truck causing their convertible to fill with manure. In the 1978 film Harper Valley P.T.A., as well as the first episode of the spin-off television series, the same fate was inflicted on the head of the P.T.A., Flora Simpson Reilly (played by Anne Francine).


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