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"Hey! Did you just take his wallet!? He just took that guy's wallet!"
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Played byWesley Mann

Lester was a student at Hill Valley High School. On the night of November 12, 1955, he was one of several students who came to the aid of Biff Tannen who was punched out by George McFly. When Marty McFly intervened, Lester thought he had taken Biff's wallet, which was in fact the Grays Sports Almanac.

Lester was quite adamant about helping Biff, if only it would prevent Biff from beating him up, at least that week.

It remains unclear as to whether Lester was still living in Hill Valley in 1985 and 2015.

Behind the scenes

  • The character was not referred to by name in Part II. In the closing credits, the character was identified as "CPR Kid".
  • In the novelization, he is identified as "Lester".
  • In Part II, he was portrayed by actor Wesley Mann, who was 30 when the film was released.
  • In Back to the Future, the character was portrayed by an uncredited actor who could be seen running up to see what had happened after Biff had been knocked out. As in Part II, "Lester" is wearing a brown suit, and has kneeled down to get a closer look at Biff.
  • Lester asks the question "What's CPR?" in "Timeline 6". In "Timeline 2", Lester does not hear Marty say "I know CPR." In the original Timeline, Lester simply attends the dance.
  • His confusion is understandable: although various methods of artificial respiration have been known for centuries, modern CPR wasn't promoted as a technique to the public until approximately the 1970s.


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