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Joey Baines
Biographical information
Date of birth1954
Age (1955)1
Age (1985)31
Age (2015)61
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information
Played by[[]]
"Lorraine McFly turned her attention to Linda, who was finishing her pudding. "You didn't have to eat that, you know," she said. "We've got cake." / Linda raised her eyebrows. "What cake?" she asked. / Lorraine pointed to the three-layer cake on the kitchen counter. On the top was written WELCOME HOME UNCLE JOEY. Above the letters was a tiny black bird flying out of a barred window. It wasn't exactly subtle, but Uncle Joey's situation wasn't a secret. / "It looks like we'll have to eat this cake by ourselves again," Lorraine smiled grimly. "Uncle Joey didn't get a parole." "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 36)
"So, you're my Uncle Joey. Better get used to these bars, kid."
—Marty McFly
"But, nice as his [Marty's] mother was, there were still a few things that she just couldn't be realistic about. Like this party she kept going on about. / 'Mom,' Marty Senior replied patiently, 'before we throw a party for Uncle Joey, let's see if he makes parole.' "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 84)

"Jailbird" Joey Baines (born 1954) was the fifth child of Sam and Stella Baines.

In the early 1970s, Joey was Marty McFly's favorite uncle. Joey would allow Marty to do dangerous things, but he was always be there to make sure he was alright.

However, on June 24, 1972, Joey was arrested for stealing $85,000 from the house of a woman named Mrs. Ellsworth. Marty bragged about his uncle's arrest to his kindergarten class, but he later would forget about the good times he had his uncle Joey, and come to distrust him due to his criminal past.

Joey was convicted, and would grow up to spend many years in Folsom Prison.[1] On October 25, 1985, he failed to earn his release on parole for at least the second time.

When Marty McFly traveled back to November 5, 1955, he met his uncle Joey at age 1 behind the bars of a crib wearing a black and white striped shirt. Stella noted that he enjoyed being in his crib, as every time they took him out he would cry.

In the alternate timeline where an elderly Biff Tannen brought a sports almanac from 2015 to 1955 to make his younger self rich, Biff mentioned in 1985 that Joey was still in jail.

In the alternate timeline where all lawyers were abolished in the United States by the 21st century, USA Today ran an article on Joey Baines in their October 22, 2015 issue. The article, Parole denied again, mentioned that this was Joey's twelfth consecutive parole hearing to end in denial. He was serving a twenty year term at Folsom for racketeering and had spent some ⅔ years of his life behind bars.


Joey in 1986B.

In the alternate timeline where Emmett Brown married Edna Strickland and ran Hill Valley as a gated community, Joey never ended up in prison and instead worked at the Brown Institute (the Brown Mansion of that reality). After escaping from the Citizen Plus ward, Citizen Brown convinced Joey to help him and Marty in finding the DeLorean. Though he cooperated with the two, Edna Brown punished him with an electrical rod, albeit set to stun.[2]

In the timeline where Doc Brown built a second DeLorean time machine, Joey Baines was awarded parole and was released from prison in 1986.

Behind the scenes

  • An early script of Back to the Future Part II showed that Joey, in his early teens in 1967, enjoyed locking himself in his room and eating nothing but bread and water.[3][4]
  • In a deleted scene from Back to the Future Part II, which was reinstated for the novelization (see third Quote above), Marty of 2015 says to Lorraine, who is planning to throw a party for Joey: "Mom, let's wait and see if Uncle Joey makes parole."


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