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The graffitied sign at the entrance of Hilldale in 2015. Marty can be seen in the middle of the road in the background, having wandered off to explore.


Marty stands near the DeLorean in Hilldale in 2015.


Marty and Jennifer in Marty's Toyota Hilux truck at the entrance of Hilldale in 1985.

"They ought to tear this whole place down. Nothing more than a breeding ground for tranks, lo-bos, and zipheads."
—Officer Reese

Hilldale was a planned neighborhood in Hill Valley. It was first constructed around 1985 and existed to at least 2015. It appeared to cover a large area over several blocks of town. A railroad line that connected to Eastwood Ravine ran behind the development, which became the location of destruction for the DeLorean time machine.

In 1985, people anticipated Hilldale to be a cool location; however by the 2010s, it had become rundown much like Lyon Estates. The sign at the entrance was graffitied over, with the wording Hilldale: The Address of Success crudely altered to Hilldale: The Address of SucKeRs.

Officer Reese of the Hill Valley Police Department was of the opinion that because of the kind of people Hilldale attracted, the whole place should be demolished. (See Quote above.)

Marty McFly and his wife Jennifer Jane Parker McFly lived there with their family. When Doc Brown arrived with younger Marty there, he was excited with the idea that his future home would be there, not knowing the rundown status it would devolve into.

However, with the alterations to the timeline that followed, it remains uncertain as to whether they lived there afterward.

It is interesting to note that Hilldale is only ever seen fully on-screen after old Biff absconds with the sports almanac in the DeLorean and travels to 1955, suggesting that Hilldale's rundown appearance itself is the result of the changes to history beginning to 'ripple' forward into 2015 — thus changing it to 2015A.


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