Hill Valley Stationers was a business in the Courthouse Square that existed at least up to 1955. It had been established in 1900. [1]

The stationers presumably sold stationery, and advertised that it sold stamps, greeting cards and office supplies.   By 1985, the building was occupied by Cupid's Adult Book Store.


In 1931, Hill Valley Stationers was in between the speakeasy and O'Malley & Sons Barber Shop.

In 1955, the buildings surrounding it were Zales and Elite Barber Shop.

In 1986B, both it and O'Malley & Sons Barber Shop were replaced by The Combformist.


  1. Shown on the building's sign on Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 2: Get Tannen! if you look at it during the night.


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