Hill Valley Historical Society

The Hill Valley Historical Society, also known as the Historical Society of Hill Valley was an organization that documented the history of Hill Valley, California. It was established in 1875.[1]

They collected various photographs of the people and businesses of Hill Valley. In 1955, Emmett Brown and Marty McFly searched the Hill Valley Historical Society records for information about Hill Valley in the year 1885.

List of individuals and locations featured in the 1885 Hill Valley Historical Society archives:


Buford in front of the gunsmith.

In 1990, in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the incorporation of Hill Valley in 1865, they released a pamphlet containing a sampling of the photographs from their archives, with descriptions of various prominent people throughout the history of Hill Valley.

List of individuals and locations featured in the Hill Valley Historical Society: 1865 - 1990 pamphlet:

Delores Miskin

Portrait of Delores Miskin

George McFly caricature

A caricature by Zane Williams.

Hill Valley Courthouse 1990

The new clock tower in 1990.


Notes and references

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