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This article is non-canon.

This article covers a subject that has been deemed non-canon by either the author or the Back to the Future licensees, and thus should not be taken as a part of the "real" Back to the Future universe.

A great trash storm occurred when many people dropped waste from their Flying cars at the same time. One such storm occurred in 2021.

In order to combat the trash problem, one hundred million Mr. Fusion home energy reactors, which contained tiny nuclear reactors fueled by trash, were installed in homes around the world.

However, in 2045, a nuclear holocaust is caused by Griff Tannen.  He uploaded a virus to the popular social network created by GriffTech, ThingMeme.  It was supposed to flash the word butthead on every object on earth, but instead, the virus causes a short circuit in the Mr. Fusion network, causing a nuclear explosion in all one hundred million of the tiny nuclear reactors present in every unit.

Emmett Brown traveled back in time to prevent the invention of hoverboard and the Mr. Fusion, in order to prevent the 2045 nuclear holocaust from occurring. As the invention of the hoverboard led to the invention of the flying car, it's unlikely great trash storms occurred in the new timeline.


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