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Goldie Wilson II
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Goldie Wilson II, also referred to as "Goldie Wilson Jr.", was mayor of Hill Valley in 2015. He was the son of Goldie Wilson, who had been mayor from 1979 to at least 1985, and the father of Goldie Wilson III.



The hovering "WELCOME TO HILL VALLEY" greeting sign in 2015, displaying the name of the mayor, Goldie Wilson Jr., below that of the city.

The hovering "WELCOME TO HILL VALLEY" greeting sign in 2015 displayed his name ("GOLDIE WILSON jr. / MAYOR") below that of the city, and posters promoting his re-election could also be seen on the walls near an alleyway.

Since his father was mayor as late as 1985, it's likely Goldie Jr. became Mayor of Hill Valley somewhere in the late 1990s.


Mayors of Hill Valley
1885: Hubert - 1931: Jack Thomas - 1955: Red Thomas - 1985: Goldie Wilson - 2015: Goldie Wilson Jr.

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