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Ghost of Christmas (Marty McFly)
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Ghost of Christmas was an alias Marty McFly used on December 24, 1845 to convince Ebiffnezer Tannen to change his greedy ways, after being told that Tannen was a real scrooge.


Aiding in Marty's disguise was a cloak, and his hoverboard to make it appear that he could fly.

His first attempt was taking Ebiffnezer to a work house with children having to work on Christmas Eve. The only result was Tannen recalling a kid who owed him money.

His second attempt was showing Ebiffnezer a family that was hungry & homeless. The only result was Tannen trying to get the family's dinner of a few chestnuts.

Marty got lucky as his holographic projection of Godzilla rampaging through Japan activated and scared Ebiffnezer into changing his ways.

Behind the scenes

The Ghost of Christmas was based off the Three Ghosts from Charles Dickens's story A Christmas Carol. Each Ghost represented Christmas from a different period of time:

  • The Ghost of Christmas Past
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present
  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come/The Ghost of Christmas Future

Marty told Ebiffnezer that he was all of them.


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