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Jennifer: "Does your mom know about tomorrow night?"
Marty: "Nah, get out of town. My mom thinks I'm going camping with the guys."
— Conversation

Get out of town is a phrase used to express disbelief at a comment, and meant for the opposite party to get their facts straight.


Marty McFly has said "get out of town" in response to the following:

  • 1985: Jennifer asking if his mom knew their plans for the weekend.
  • 1955: George revealing that he wrote science fiction stories.
  • 2015: Lorraine asking him if he was fired after a phone call with Needles and Fujitsu, along with denying his unemployment.
  • 1897: His fifth cousin thrice removed, Pee Wee McFly, who took this literally and tried to leave town.


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