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George Buck Flower
Biographical information
Date of birthOctober 28, 1937
Age (1955)18
Age (1985)48
Age (2015)Deceased
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information

George Buck Flower (October 28, 1937June 18, 2004) was born in Milton-Freewater, Oregon.

In Back to the Future, he played Red the Bum who referred to Marty McFly (who returned to 1985 in the DeLorean time machine) as a "Crazy drunk driver". He reprised his role in Back to the Future Part II in 1985A.

Other roles

  • Mac and Me: Security Guard (1988)
  • Power Rangers in Space episode "Countdown to Destruction, Part 2": Bearded Man (1998)
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode "The Great Egg Caper": Homeless Man (2000)
  • Power Rangers Time Force episode "Movie Madness, Part 1": Bartender (2001)

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