Friday train engineer
Friday train engineer
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A train engineer arrived at the Hill Valley Train Station on Friday, September 4, 1885.


A pair of gentlemen, Emmett Brown and "Clint Eastwood", came up to the engineer and asked him how fast the train could go. He told Doc and Marty as Clint that "Fearless" Frank Fargo was able to get it up to 70 miles per hour. Marty then asked if it could get up to ninety, to which the engineer exclaimed that "how could anyone be in such a hurry?" After being told the query was part of a bet, he mentioned that if they had a long straight track, and that if they weren't pulling any carriages behind them, and if they could get the fire hot enough, "hotter than the blazes of hell and damnation itself", then it could potentially go that fast.

The engineer finished by telling Doc and Marty the time of the next train, Monday morning at 8:00 a.m., and went back to the train.


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