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Libyans mall

The Libyans' van enters the parking lot and drives by the Fox Photo stand.

"Losing control of their vehicle, the terrorist van driver was forced to swerve into a Fox Photo stand on the edge of the parking lot. The vehicle fell over and landed door-side down, trapping the terrorists inside. In the distance, a police siren wailed."
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 239)

A Fox Photo stand at Twin Pines Mall in Hill Valley was located in the parking lot in 1985, until it was totaled by a Volkswagen Station Wagon containing a group of Libyan terrorists, who had been pursuing Marty McFly in the DeLorean time machine when the car suddenly disappeared. The stand advertised a one-hour photo development service.

Behind the scenes

  • As Twin Pines Mall/Lone Pine Mall was not seen again after Back to the Future, whether the stand was ever replaced remains unrecorded.
  • Fox Photo was a real-life company in 1985, and was sold to Kodak the following year. (Movie audiences unfamiliar with the name Fox Photo — particularly those outside the United States — might have thought this to be an in-joke reference to Michael J. Fox.)
  • When Marty goes back in time seconds before he would otherwise have crashed into the booth, he runs over a scarecrow which was standing exactly where the booth will be. This might have signified its destruction in the future.


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