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Foley (Right in pic)
Biographical information
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byStephanie E. Williams

Foley was one of two female police officers in Unit N11-11, the other being Reese, who recovered Jennifer Parker in an alleyway in 2015.


Assuming she was the Jennifer of the future, they flew her back home to her future residence in Hilldale.

Behind the scenes

  • Officer Foley was portrayed by actress Stephanie E. Williams.
  • Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis generally used the names "Reese and Foley" in scripts to describe any pair of police officers. In the first draft of Back to the Future, Foley and Reese were two men, officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, who came to arrest "Professor Brown". Other characters named "Foley" were a "theater cop" in I Wanna Hold Your Hand; a Private Foley in 1941 (played by John Candy, with Mickey Rourke as Private Reese); and a character in Used Cars.

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