The DeLorean time machine prepares to depart for 2015.

"Most of the traffic seemed to have relocated itself overhead. Cars, some of which looked old enough to come from 1985, or even before, briskly flew back and forth across the air lanes. Marty could have sworn one of those fliers was an Edsel."
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 25 and 26)

A flying car was a car that could fly.

They were popular in 2015, along with other flying vehicles such as hoverboards. The most popular method of creating flying cars appeared to be hover converting cars both new and old.

Emmett Brown had a hover conversion job done on the DeLorean time machine when he visited Hill Valley in 2015, which may have been carried out by Goldie Wilson Hover Conversion Systems.

However, Doc also made other modifications to the car — such as the installation of a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, for example — which were not exactly considered "street legal", and so had to keep the DeLorean obscured by landing in an alleyway when he arrived from 1985 with Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker.

Unfortunately, the DeLorean was no longer able to fly after the flying circuits were destroyed when the time machine was struck by lightning during the Hill Valley Thunderstorm in 1955 and, with Doc aboard, was sent back to 1885.

According to the Newsline column on the front page of the October 22, 2015 issue of USA Today[1], Katie Pearson, a new lobbyist hired by Mothers Against Drunk Flying, was to lead a campaign to install kill-switch breathalyzers in flying cars.

Flying cars in 2015 included Griff Tannen's convertible orange and black BMW 633CSi; a Jeep Wrangler YJ; Officers Reese and Foley's police car; and Cab B25 from the Luxor Cab Company, as driven by Fred.


  • Flying cars are not commonplace in 2015, although Terrafugia has built several prototype flying cars — meaning that flying cars have been invented by the real 2015.


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