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Ebiffnezer Tannen
Ebiffnezer Tannen
Biographical information
Date of birthlikely: 1780's/early 1800's
Age (1885)100-95: (likely deceased)
Physical description
Hair colorgrey
Eye coloryellowish white: black pupils
Behind-the-scenes information
Ebiffnezer Tannen was the landlord to a toy shop in London, England during the 1840s. He threw the toy shop's shopkeeper and his family, as well as Clara in debtor's prison. Ebiffnezer was taught a lesson when Marty dressed up like the Ghost of Christmas. At first Ebiffnezer was not inclined to listen even after seeing the cruelty of child-labor and a poor family roasting simple chestnuts over a fire, only until witnessing a camera recording of a monster movie did Ebiffnezer Tannen released everyone from the prison. However he may have gone back to his old ways after realizing Marty was a fraud ghost.

After lightening up considerably, he would insist on his friends using the nickname "Eb" when addressing him.


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