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Evans as the Michael Jackson video simulacrum seen in the Cafe 80s.
E. Casanova Evans
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Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
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E. Casanova Evans is a professional Michael Jackson impersonator. He played the Michael Jackson video simulacrum at the Cafe 80s in Back to the Future Part II.

Behind the scenes

  • In commentary to the DVD of Part II, Bob Gale noted that "Michael Jackson was a big fan of the first Back to the Future, so he was very co-operative and generous in letting us use his... re-create his likeness and use his music in this." He added that "The guy that played Michael Jackson [referring to E. Casanova Evans] was a little strange. He was so obsessed with Michael Jackson that he actually had plastic surgery to make himself look like Michael Jackson." Neil Canton joked, "So I guess by now, he's probably had 7 nose jobs."
  • He performed as Michael Jackson at the We’re Going Back fan celebration of the Back to the Future trilogy in 2015.


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