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A duffel bag was a large cylindrical bag made from thick cloth, which was used by military personnel to carry their personal belongings, and was opened and closed by means of a drawstring at the top.

Emmett Brown bought two duffel bags full of military tools and supplies from the Hill Valley Army/Navy Store on November 14, 1955, for his and Marty McFly's excavation of the DeLorean time machine from the Delgado Mine, where it had been hidden by Doc's 1985 counterpart after he became stranded in 1885 when the hover converted DeLorean was struck by lightning on the night of November 12.

Behind the scenes

  • A duffel bag is also known as a kitbag (military) or gym bag (school) in the U.K., and is sometimes referred to as a seabag when used by sailors or marines.
  • The Nike Footwear bag in 2015 is referred to by Back to the Predictions as a Nike Footwear Duffel Bag,[1] even though it is nothing like the traditional drawstring cloth duffel bag.
  • A duffel bag is also sometimes spelled as 'duffle bag'. However, since 'duffel' is the spelling used both in Craig Shaw Gardner's novelization and on Wikipedia, it has therefore been adopted here.


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  1. Nike Footwear Duffel Bag – Back to the Predictions (see 'External links' below)

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