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Drive-by shooters in the streets of Hill Valley in 1985A.

"'Eat lead, Strickland!' the mangiest of the bunch announced. The entire punk-filled carload opened fire. Bullets strafed the porch. Strickland ducked for cover, as Marty vaulted over the railing. He was in the middle of a war! / Strickland came back up shooting. / 'Eat buckshot, slackers!' / Marty ran like hell. He had to get out of here! / But where was he? / And where could he go?"
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 106)

Drive-by shooters were armed gangs who drove around the streets of Hill Valley in 1985A, terrorizing and even killing some of the residents. Chalk outlines of two victims of a previous drive-by shooting, cordoned off by POLICE LINE - DO NOT CROSS tape, were spotted in Lyon Estates by Marty McFly.

Five drive-by shooters drove a Buick Skylark convertible, opening fire on the Strickland residence with Mossberg 500 and AK-47 guns. They were fired at in retaliation by Stanford S. Strickland, who called them "slackers" and chased them. Their distraction aided Marty, who was being threatened by the shotgun-wielding Strickland, to get away.


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