Darlene Needles
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"Darlene is from a family with a troubled history. She grew up in the world where Biff was rich, her mother did twenty years in jail for attempting to jailbreak her uncle, and her grandfather is Marty's shady friend Needles. Watch out for her!"
—Back to the Future: The Card Game FAQ

Darlene Needles was a possible descendant of Douglas J. Needles.


Darlene Needles' timeline is dependent on Doc Brown becoming the blacksmith, Biff Tannen winning big at the races, and Marlene McFly ending up in prison. It is possible she is the 1985A descendent of Needles.

Behind the scenes

  • As the card game in which this person appears deals with a series of alternate universes, this character cannot be considered film canon.



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